ASOS beauty awards with Pink Marmalade

by Sophie Ross

Put your hands up if you like gin? Yep, most of us do! Now put your hand ups if you like hangovers? Na didn’t think so. But what if I told you there’s a magical gin out there, that comes hangover free? So you can enjoy your Sunday instead of hiding away deep in your covers. Well, let me introduce you to Pink Marmalade, the colour changing gin that provides the good times and avoids those Sunday blues. 

Pink Marmalade was providing the booze for the ASOS beauty awards last Monday and it was written in the stars to be a seriously successful evening. The night started with a drinks reception in the main hall, sweet gin martinis were served with a sprig of lavender to get the guests in the mood. 

There was drop dead gorgeous outfits all around and the place was full of chatter. The awards were about to start and I eagerly sat down for food (obviously!). The first course was creamy pistachio followed by roast lamb and vegetables and with a Chocolate brownie and mousse for dessert.

The awards praised brands from far and wide. For those with eco friendly packaging and vegan products to items that were unique in their own rights. There was certainly a lot of happy faces around. The gin bar was popping from start to finish. They even had a flower fountain wall that dispensed pure gin. Dangerous right! But so so good. 

After food, socialising and lots of drinks I was ready to head home. Not without picking up one of the amazing goodie bags however. Full of amazing new products such as shampoo bars and face masks, to sets of makeup brushes and toothpaste. We were all truly spoilt at the end so thank you to the brands that provided those goodies. 

Thanks also to Pink Marmalade for inviting me along with you guys. I had a great time creating some content for you and look forward to meeting up again soon. If you would like to purchase their delicious gin you can do so here! Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram too as they put together some pretty impressive events.

Stay un-hungover guys!

Love Sophie

Thank you 


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