by Sophie Ross

O H . M Y . G O D

I dunno whats happened to me lately. All of a sudden, I like cats. I used to be so anti-cat but since being in Ibiza all has changed. I think it started one evening Ryan and I are sitting in the living room, minding our own business and probs chatting absoute s#!t when all of a sudden a random black cat comes strolling into our lounge. Now, I know what your thinking, I’m reading your minds, erm Sophie thats not weird, cats are outdoorsy types. Well let me stop you there. It is weird when you live on the 6th floor of a buiding :O DUN DUN DERRRR!  Where the hell did it come from! LOL anyway so since then I’ve been cooing and awwwing over the litttle furry things and now because of ASOS I apparently want to wear them on my clothes!

Don’t worry, I’m not going CCL on you (thats code for crazy cat lady and yes I just made that up) but ASOS have released the cuuuutest little Hello Kitty range and I cannot wait to smother myself in it.

Listed below are some of my favourites from the new collection that has hit ASOS and I can’t wait to get my claws on them! (see what I did there?)  😉

You can also view the full collection by clicking here


Love Sophie


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