Beautiful Bath

by Sophie Ross

I’ve never really been one to travel within the UK. For me it never really felt like a holiday unless I was getting on a plane and jetting off somewhere 20 degrees warmer. However, after a visit to Bath this weekend just gone it’s safe to say I am eating my own words.

The Roman Baths

After a hectic Christmas Ryan and I decided to escape the madness for a few days and we spontaneously booked a trip to Bath in Somerset for two nights. Not wanting to spend an absolute fortune just after the festivities we settled on a basic hotel in the city centre. The Z Hotel. It had everything we needed for a short trip and we were barely going to be in there unless we were sleeping. The hotel cost £120 for a double room with window for two nights and was walking distance to everything.  There was cheaper options but without windows and I like a bit of natural light to wake me up in the morning. The rooms were compact and the beds aren’t the comfiest to sleep in to be honest but it had a smart tv and a good shower and for the price you can’t complain. 

We set off about 7.45am that morning and after a 3 hour drive we were checking in. We dumped our bags and headed out to take a wander through the city. The city centre is huge and there’s all of the high street stores you would expect and then some. We had heard about Sally Lunns, a famous Bath Bun restaurant which is the oldest house in Bath so decided to head there for some lunch. More to come on this place!

Pulteney Bridge

We visited the famous Pulteney bridge and took a stroll along the water. The views are stunning so make sure you bring your camera with you. The fashion museum was also within walking distance albeit up a hill. Bath is an extremely hilly and cobbly place so I recommend comfy shoes when sight seeing. We spent most of our first day wandering around and getting to know the city. Stopping for coffee and snacks here and there and finding a frequent photo spot. After a pit stop at the hotel and a change and refresh we headed out to dinner.

Pulteney Bridge

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the first restaurant as it was extremely dark in there but it is a tapas chain called Pinxto. There is one in London so you may of heard of it before. If you know me you know I love my food and we ordered approximately 7 dishes which included Iberica Jamon, prawns and croquettes. Oh and a bottle of red of course! 

After food we wanted to check out some of the nightlife! We had been recommend a few bars but not wanting to ruin the next day with an almighty hangover we settled on going to one called SUB 13 for a couple.  I had a Salted Caramel Espresso Martini followed by another sweet cocktail called Butter Beer. We sat outside as it had the cutest little heated terrace with blankets and soft garden sofas. Perfect for a date!

SUB 13

The next morning (hangover free yay!) we headed to The Ivy Bath Brasserie for breakfast. If you have been to The Ivy before then you know how gorgeous it is. The restaurant was decorated in a stunning tropical/Art Deco style and the food was outrageously good. 

SUB 13

Today was the day visiting the Roman Baths and I could not wait. The baths are so stunning and you really feel like you have been transported back in time. Reading about the history and culture of the Romans is fascinating and I was shocked to see how many different rooms and artefacts on display.      The water to this day is still heated by the natural spring and I dipped a quick hand in to feel it even though you aren’t allowed to touch the water (rebel huh!). There is even an opportunity to taste the water which I did and I do recommend to do however it doesn’t taste great. I compared it to warm water that has had eggs boiled in it so a little gross but you gotta try these things right.

The Roman Baths

Next on our list was the Cathedral. Not going to lie it really wasn’t my cup of tea. Half of it was closed for refurbishment and there just really wasn’t much to see. So we headed off for a quick lunch. Before heading back to get ready for the Thermae Spa. 

Ah the spa. Let me get straight to the point. Expect to queue. We really wanted to go during the evening as it has an open air thermal spring pool on the roof of the building. Unfortunately this is one of the most popular times to go and we queued for 2 hours just making the 7pm last entry time. Had we known in advance we may of booked a treatment as that is the only way to fast track and get straight in. It was however definitely worth the wait. There are 3 levels and areas. The 1st is a large indoor pool with jacuzzi area, the 2nd is a sauna and steam area with different temperature rooms and multifunctional showers, there is also a relaxation room with beds and they have a NASA video on repeat which a collection of gorgeous photos of planets, stars and solar systems which I absolutely loved. The 3rd as mentioned is the roof spa. This was my favourite as the freezing open air and warm water was definitely an experience. I don’t have many photos of this place as everywhere you went there was huge no photography signs and lifeguards on duty watching your every move so it was hard to get a decent picture without a flash. None the less I highly recommend!

As our final meal we headed out to The Olive Tree, the only Michelin star restaurant in Bath. This was an absolutely unbelievable experience and I will be writing a blog post on it soon so keep your eyes peeled. We then finished our night off at a cool little speakeasy cocktail bar called The Dark Horse. Which I recommend you book in advance! 

All in all we spent approximately £300 on our trip which is not bad at all considering how much we done. This is not including the Michelin star meal however as that was an additional treat. The trip was worth every penny and it was so nice to spend the first coupe of days of the year fresh and out of the city.

I’m looking forward to doing another UK trip again and if anyone has any recommendations please comment below.

Thank you

Love Sophie 


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