Crystal Healing

by Sophie Ross

I have always been quite a spiritual person. By this, I don’t mean that I pray or go to the synagogue but I mean that I always feel like there is “something” unknown there. Something that is there to guide us and help us make the right decisions. Kind of like when you get a gut feeling or when you can sense something is not right.

Beautiful Crystals

Crystals are really beautiful to look at and I have always been quite intrigued by those who claim they hold powers. It is something I wanted to find out for myself and bear witness too. It was by coincidence that I met Laura at a yoga day and we got chatting about the crystals she had on display. She got me to hold two in each hand and explain how I felt holding them. In about 2 minutes I weirdly started to feel sick and she asked me whether I had an important decision to make. I did. The crystal was called Mookaite and it is there to give you a push into making a decision. Even after this short session, I knew I had to book myself in for a full healing session.

Fast forward to Sunday just gone which was the day of my treatment. Upon arrival at Laura’s wonderful home, she had a set up her crystals and we were ready to go. If you book with LaLuna please note that her treatment involves a wonderful facial massage so take off your makeup before arrival. 

So the treatment is really calming and with relaxing music on in the background Laura begins. A Crystal is placed along your chakras (which are different centres of spiritual power within the body) and over several body parts. The crystals used are chosen by Laura and she gets a feeling of whether this will benefit you or not. The body can react to the placement. I.e if it does not sit right on hour body then the crystal is probably not for you. 

Ready to relax

Before Laura begins the facial massage the crystals are left on the body for a short while. Using 100% argan oil and jade/rose quartz rollers she massages deep within the skin tissue to relieve tension, promote elasticity and reduce puffiness. This felt amazing and I could physically feel my skin bouncing back. 

The treatment ends with the crystals being placed back on your body and you are slowly awoken out of the trance-like state you fall into. I never seem to fall asleep during treatments which I like. I like to be aware of how I feel and let my thoughts come and go. I find it’s a great time to de-clutter the mind and allow yourself to just be still. 

After your treatment, Laura will explain each crystal that she used and what the meaning is. I found this bit incredible as some of the meanings behind the ones that I needed truly matched some of the things going on in my life. Some are quite personal and I don’t believe this is something to be shared but I was honestly gobsmacked at what was said.

It’s like she read my mind and made me realise how in tune with my body Laura is able to get.

A stunning selection

I feel like a small weight has been lifted and that it was definitely the treatment I needed to balance my mind.

Thank you so much, Laura, I loved it. If anyone would like a crystal healing treatment you can book in via Laura’s Instagram page @lalunacrystalhealing

Love Sophie

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