Curry Bazaar

by Sophie Ross

If you haven’t had a brick lane curry then where have you been! The street is famous for being lined with several curry houses with their own promoters outside trying to win business on the busy streets.

Last Monday I was lucky enough to head down to Curry Bazaar. One of the famous restaurants along Brick Lane and try out their menu. I am a big lover of Indian cuisine and there’s not much I have tried that I don’t like. I especially am a fan of coconut and love how the ingredient is used in a lot of the dishes, from naans to curries.

Enjoying myself

The restaurant seats around 50 people, is roomy and the staff are super friendly. We ordered a bottle of Pinot whilst we decided on mains.

I wanted to go for something I hadn’t tried before and I saw butter chicken on the menu. This is something I have wanted to try as I love creamy and sweet curry’s (yes I love korma haha! But a spicy one!). My friend Paige had come with me and she said it was nice so I thought I’d give it a go. I then chose a side of special fried rice and garlic naan. Paige chose chicken tikka masala and Peshwari naan.

Oh so good!

We snacked on poppadoms and chutney whilst our mains were being prepared. 

The food did not take too long at all and it was served all at once. The portion sizes looked great and not so big that food would get wasted. Which can happen a lot when you eat Indian as it is quite a carby cuisine.

Our food was amazing! The butter chicken melted in the mouth and the sauce was sweet and creamy. There was a lot of chicken in the curry and it was the perfect portion size for me. The rice was equally as delicious and was a bit more exciting than the usual pilau rice I go for. 

How cute is the china!

I was so impressed with the service here and sometimes I think that really adds to the treat of eating out. It is also nice to go out for Indian food for a change instead of ordering it to your home. Getting to eat it fresh from the kitchen makes it that little bit more special.

Big thank you to Curry Bazaar for our great evening. I will definitely be back. Follow them on Instagram here!

Love Sophie

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