Femme Luxe Snake Print

by Sophie Ross

It’s been on trend for quite a while now and looks as if it is set to stay throughout winter.

Unlike traditional methods thus snake print is completely cruelty free. You can get such good replicas of prints on clothing now that sometimes imitation is better.

It’s also one of those prints that can work in different color palettes too. For instance snakeskin comes in hot pink but also white and gray. Bright lime but then muted browns. There’s really some sort of snake print for everyone.

So when I come across this little number I was obsessed.  This brown/warm toned dress from Femme Luxe is the perfect daytime look for me. Paired with knee high leathers it creates a statement that is perfect for everyday wear.

You can get this dress by clicking here and don’t forget to follow Femme Luxe on Instagram here!

Thank You

Love Sophie

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