Grounded | Collagen Under Eye Serum Review

by Sophie Ross

You may have heard of Grounded. The coffee-based body scrub that became an overnight success after appearing on Dragons Den. These scrubs have always been one of my favourites, they smell delicious and they leave my skin feeling really smooth with an edible scent. They are great for evening out your skin tone too- perfect for fake tan lovers. However little did I know Grounded also manufacture skincare.

How cool is the applicator?!

I was sent the Collagen Under Eye Serum from their skincare range to review. I’m not one to usually use eye-specific products as my everyday serums and moisturisers are distributed around the eye area. I do read a lot about how the eye area is very delicate and the skin is a lot thinner though. So I thought trying this product for the first time would be a great test and myth-buster to see if I could see new benefits. 

Containing Biotin, Collagen and skin-plumping hyaluronic acid the product claims to “plump out crow’s feet, creases and reduce dark circles and eye bags”.  Another main ingredient is Vitamin C which I actually swear by for skincare. I use a Vitamin C spray toner twice a day and it instantly brightens my complexion.

Initial Impressions…

First thoughts of the product is that packing is great. A syringe-type dispenser in a bright summery orange colour palette. It took a few minutes to work out how to get the product out as it was a little stiff but it dispenses like an injection. 

The Collagen Under Eye Serum

I have been applying the product morning and night and is now my new step in my skincare routine. I wanted to see the benefits and found applying this first and allowing it to sink in would stop it mixing too much with my serums. When applying the product you get a slight tingling sensation but that is just the hyaluronic acid getting to work. 

It’s a yes from me!

I have been using the product continuously for a week now and I can honestly see a difference in puffiness, while the brightening Vitamin C is slowly brightening and diminishing my dark circles. I think it will take a few more weeks before I will notice a difference in the strength of my under-eye skin but it is definitely leaving the area radiant and fresh. 

Glowy Eyes!

So on that note, it’s a winner for me. You can shop the item here at Holland and Barrett.

Love Sophie

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