Grow Gorgeous!

by Sophie Ross


After wearing hair extensions for the past 4/5 years going back to my natural length seemed a myth.

My hair has always been quite thick but I’ve never seemed to be able to grow it that much past my shoulders.

As I planned to go India for two months however I realised that I’d probably need to have them taken out for the trip. Nobody needs them whilst they are travelling (trust me). At the time I was adamant that they were going straight back in after I touched back down in the UK. However fast forward another 5 months since I left and they are still out! 

Of course being in the sun helps your hair grow but it also damages it quite a lot. I had a haircut out in India which I do regret as they cut it slightly wonky haha but I’mslowly growing it out and it’s beginning to look so healthy!

Since I’ve been back I’ve been using a growth serum, scalp scrub conditioner from Grow Gorgeous and I actually can’t believe how long it’s got. It’s like nearly under my boobs now which I never thought would happen haha. 

As you can see from my before and after pictures this is such a huge improvement on my Hair health. It’s so much more glossy and even tho I have had a change of style it’s still really thick. 

Most people get worried about putting oil in their hair as they feel it can make it greasy. I personally found it didn’t have that much effect on how often I washed my hair but it’s best to really only do it twice-three times a week maximum. Daily hair washing strips your hair of all the nourishing oils it needs to help grow long shiny and stronger. The shininess and softness you may get from shampoos & conditioners is usually from the silicon compounds found in most brands.

The oil smells sooo good and you only need to add around 5-7 drops to the scalp to get enough to massage in. I didn’t need more than that personally! I always put it in at night time before I go to bed too so it has time to soak in and work it’s magic.

The scrub is also a favourite of mine. Used before shampoo on wet hair squeeze out enough to massage into your scalp ( I found I needed a lot). After a few minutes you’ll feel a relaxing cooling sensation over your scalp. This is honestly so nice and it smells amazing too.

I’d say the scrub is definitely an important part of the routine as it scrubs the scalp and activates the hair follicles to grow. Rinse it before shampoo tho!

So if your fed up of waiting for nature to do the growing itself try taking maters into your own hands and give grow gorgeous a go. I’ve honestly got the slowest growing hair in the history of mankind and it’s made such a noticeable difference to me. I’ve even had comments on how long it’s got which is something I haven’t got used to yet haha.

You can buy the starter kit which gives you everything you need here!

Happy Hair Growing ❤️

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