by Sophie Ross

 D I N I N G . I N . D AL T . V I L A 

The narrow streets and steep heels in Ibiza Town hold many hidden gems. Some you come across by chance and others are a locals best kept secret.

Last night me and Ryan went to possibly our favourite place over here yet (we say this a lot) and we are already looking forward to returning. Kyupiddo is it’s name and boy did it impress.

Tucked away near the top of Dalt Villa you wouldn’t even know this place existed if it wasnt for the discreet metal sign hanging outside on the wall. Even so it’s not very obvious what lurks beyond the door. We have been planning to go all summer but it was only due to us finding out it closes Friday that we rushed to get a table last night.

There is no menu online and the photos ae very vague so we were unsure of what to expect. All we knew is that is was a Japanese and Mediterranean Fusion restaurant with spectacular views which was enough for me really.

Before arriving the restaurant gives you a call to explain where the meeting point is. This restaurant has it’s own little chauffeur which picks you up and whizzes you off to the restaurant which we were very glad of because let me tell you it is not a short stroll. Driving up the narrow roads you come to a little stony tunnel where the car stops, here you jump out and walk through which leads you to the restaurant door. Ladies if you are wearing heels please take them off the moment you get out the car. Your boyfriends hands will thank you for it.

Walking in we were blown away by the remarkable sight which greeted us. We could see the entire town all lit up. It was honestly beautiful.

We sat down and browsed through the cocktail menu to start. I went for a Sake, Basil and Vanilla blend which sounds weir but was actually sweet and delicious. Ryan had a fruity gin one which came in a little wooden box. The presentation was already on point.

We decided to go for Steak Tatare to start which is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. UNBELIEVABLE. If you are not veggie please order this it’s amazing. The beef is so tender and has a creamy texture. We chose the spicy option so it also had a little kick.

For mains I went for cod and Ryan had Angler fish. We were both wanting to try Angler as we had heard good things but thought one of us should play it safe just incase we both ended up with something we didn’t like. I had also previously googled what an angler fish was and nearly fell off my chair. If your curious click here …. I know right! How can something so ugly possibly taste good? I had instant food envy when I tried it, my cod was delicious however this was 10x better. It kind of tastes similar to lobster, very delicate and not overly fishy at all. I will definitely be trying that again! It also came with a king prawn cooked to perfection.

We finished with another few cocktails, this time I had a chilli cocktail which came in a giant red pepper on ice! The meal was truly 10/10 and the service was amazing. It’s definitely a more couple’s place as the views and ambiance once inside are cosy and it is very dimly lit. Theres a little pool in the centre surrounded by candles and lights so it’s very romantic.

Outfit time!

Again Bershka never seems to let me down over here I have bought some amazing bits since living here. This little polka dot dress isn’t something I would usually go for as its very, very girly but once I tried it on I just had to get it. The link to buy this is below! The shoes are from Chloe which my little fashionista friend let me borrow for the evening. Thanks Ayesh  😎


Thank You

Love Sophie



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