Mumbai – A Food and Shopping Guide on Having A Real Good Time!

by Sophie Ross

Hello Mumbai – Ah its like being at home!

I joke btw.. but it nice to be back in a busy and bustling city like Mumbai after all that culture. Don’t get me wrong I have loved every second but getting to Mumbai gave me a little refresh, reboot and relax.

Ryan and I skipped the Christmas presents last year and decided that we would save the money on which we would have spent on each other and instead would do something nice in India. That something nice turned out to be extra nice but we’ll get onto that in a second.

Firstly we planned to stay in Mumbai 5 days. Our first few were spent in a hotel near the city centre and main tourist attractions. Ryan and I were treated with endless shops, market stalls and restaurants all which catered to every cuisine imaginable. Our first few days consisted of walking around, doing some shopping (there’s a Zara and H&M which I took full advantage of) and plenty of eating. After some research and recommendations from friends, the first restaurant we visited was called Indigo.

Indigo is located in Mumbai central near the markets but far enough for it to be peaceful and enjoyably quiet. The food and service? Top notch! It was genuinely like being back in London. The food was definitely the best we’d had so far and it was nice to escape and treat ourselves. Of course, this did come with a higher budget but when you look at it compared to the pound, it was still a good couple hundred less of what we would have paid back in the UK. The following day we had lunch at Indigo delicatessen – the breakfast/cafe sister company of the restaurant. Here we opted for the continental breakfast which consisted of juice, bread, tea coffee and Eggs Benedict. Again service 100%.

But what about the sights?

FIRSTLY – high fashion lovers get your butt into the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. It is stunning! We were not allowed to use the facilities but you can have a nose around their designer boutiques. Theres a Dior and a Louis Vuitton to say the least who each have one of a kind couture pieces that were only made for the India boutique. Tbh I could tell you more about the shopping but there’s really nothing worth noting that is out of the ordinary other than that. There is a crazy Ikea/primark-esqe market but we were there for about 10 minutes as it was VERY overwhelming.

We also visited the elephant caves, you can get a boat from outside the gate of India. The caves were great but a little bit of a rip off with regards to price. You pay for a boat over, then again to get through the barriers and then a third time to actually get into the caves. The island is full of those little cheeky monkeys again too. So hold on tight to your bag or that little fella’s gonna have your new Chanel rouge lipstick all over his gob.

Back to the food? Sure!

The following day we went for Sushi! If you know me you’ll picture me cartwheeling over the frickin tables because it’s one of my favorites. The reviews were also amazing on Tripadvisor so I just could not resist.

The food was honestly to die for, The edamame was slightly on the small size but I couldn’t fault them at all with the taste. If you’re a sushi love and heading to Mumbai sling Papaya on the list of must dos.

Our Christmas Treat!

Now, as I mentioned before we skipped the Xmas presents and instead booked ourselves two nights in the luxury Oberoi Mumbai hotel. Situated in the business district this grand hotel looks over the city and river. Inside the complex are 3 restaurants, a pool, spa, cocktail bar, gym and coffee lounge. You also get full access to its sister hotel – The Trident which again has different restaurants, another pool and a mini shopping mall featuring a Jimmy Choo and Gucci.

Service here was 10/10! We had a gorgeous suite, which upon entering was decorated with rose petals, which overlooked both the sea and city. The bathroom had a huge free-standing tub with tv and a marbled shower. It was pure luxury. Now of course if you are going travelling this is a splurge as you also only get breakfast included – which I’ll talk about in a second. If you are coming here for a holiday though look no further. You are treated like royalty and the place is impeccably clean.

Breakfast time is a dream if you are somewhat food obsessed like me. Tables lined with fresh juices, fruit, bakery sweets and bread, cereal muesli and yoghurt greet you in a eyes bigger than you’re belly way. This is all before you sit down with a menu too. Eggs, waffles pancakes – literally name it they had it and my was it good!

We also tried the Italian, Dim Sum and Continental restaurants. All were absolutely incredible and unfortunately for Ryan I know like red wine – oops! Honestly I hadn’t eaten food that good in a month of being there and was sooo sick of curry so it was nice to switch it up and have something normal.

We didn’t really leave the hotel for the days we were there as we wanted to make the most of being there. Instead, we laid by the pool soaking up the Mumbai sun dreading knowing it would be straight back to those bloody street samosas in no time!

Thanks for reading kids!

Love Always, Sophie


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Becky February 26, 2018 - 9:29 pm

My lovely! I loved reading this
Has you and Ryan all over it for sure, escpially the little bit of luxury!

I am so excited to read and see more, they’re fantastic posts!

Love Becky – 🖤🖤🖤


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