My Floatation Tank Experience!

by Sophie Ross

Have you have ever wondered what it feels like to float about in space with your mind free of any troubles? 

Are you looking to reduce stress or anxiety? Want to improve your sleep quality and alleviate inflammation and pain? How about boosting your creativity and concentration skills? If the answer to any of this is a big fat yes then I think I have found the treatment for you.

Me after my float!

On Saturday I visited Cloud10Floatation in Basildon to give floatation tank therapy a go. For those who haven’t heard of this before it is a rest treatment that involves lying in a large, white, clog shaped tank which is filed with approximately 30cm of extremely salty water. 525kg of Epsom salt to be specific. This high amount of salt allows the user to float (bit like the Dead Sea) thus giving the user a sense of weightlessness or anti-gravity type feeling. An hour in these tanks have proven to be highly affective at reducing anxiety and promoting good moods in users after just one visit. This isn’t a new treatment though, this type of sensory deprivation has been around since the 50s! 

I was actually super excited but also a little nervous if I’m honest. I didn’t know how I would feel floating in the dark and silence for an hour and whether I would want to get out at any stage but upon my arrival everything was explained to me by owner Remly and I instantly relaxed. The tanks are actually a lot bigger than I expected. They are so roomy which is good for those who are worried about feeling claustrophobic. I could easily stretch my arms out to the side. 

The water is also a warm 32degrees which also removed my fears of feeling cold. To provide a full sensory experience it is best to go in naked and without any jewellery on. The idea is that anything touching your skin is going to distract you from the meditative state you are trying to slip into. As I stepped into the tank the water almost felt silky and my legs bobbed up straight away. I closed the lid (you can keep it open if you wish) and started to get settled. It did take me a few moments to get comfy inside and when I was ready to, I turned off the light. It was pure darkness, so much so I could not tell the difference between my eyes being opened or closed. I was told music would be played for a duration of ten minutes to help me relax and then would slowly fade away to leave me with my own thoughts – I know, dangerous right 😉

As I started to relax and drift off into a relaxed state I noticed that my body would do the odd twitch or that I was more sensitive to the quietist sounds. I could even hear my heart beating. I did float into the sides a couple times which woke me a little. I say woke up but truly I mean come out of the highly relaxed state I was in. It is possible to fall asleep in the tanks and with practise I am sure I will be able to master that but I personally do find it difficult to fall asleep anywhere that isn’t my bed. For me the hour went quicker than I expected but as I was semi-awake it didn’t go as quick as I suspect Ryans did as he fell asleep. 

The floatation tank

Upon leaving the tank I felt extremely relaxed and also quite sleepy. I wanted to do nothing but curl up and relax for the rest of the day to allow my body to fully soak up the benefits of such a calming treatment. So I don’t recommend doing this before a “big night out” or anything else too rigorous on the body. The point of these types of treatments is to promote a healthy wellbeing. So listen to how your body feels and go with it.

I truly do find it amazing regarding some of the  benefits of this therapy. Other than the ones listed at the beginning of this blog here are a few others that may resonate with you or someone you know a little more.

  • Promotes ease of access into meditation
  • Aids in muscle recovery (perfect for you gym bods!)
  • Increases immune system response
  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • Aids in addiction recovery
  • Improves circulation
  • Promotes senses of euphoria
  • Promotes access to the Theta state
  • Decompression of spinal cord in anti gravity
  • Elimination of toxins from expanding capillaries 
  • Replenishment of vital minerals lost during exercise

This is definitely something I would like to incorporate into my lifestyle. Whilst I may not have the time to make this a weekly treat it is something I would definitely try to aim to do frequently. I felt like it really helped my skin too, clearing up any blemishes on the face and body. Such a great experience.

Thanks to Remly at Cloud10Floatation for having us down. If anyone has any further questions please leave a comment and I will get back to you.  You can book in with Cloud10Floatation here! Sessions are £35 for an hour. Enjoy the tranquility and take some time out for you! You deserve it.

Love Sophie 

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