Sally Lunn’s Bath Buns

by Sophie Ross

Tucked away down a narrow stoney road in the middle of Bath is a quaint little cafe called Sally Lunns. You wouldn’t really think to much of it if it wasn’t for the queue into the door and the flashing of cameras outside. This is Sally Lunns, the oldest house in Bath and the creation site of the famous Bath Bun.

French Toast Bun and Chai Tea
Sally Lunn’s

If, like me, you had no idea that even existed and you are a sucker for something sweet then read on. A Bath bun is somewhere in between a cake and a English muffin. It looks kind of like a large pale burger bun but it is extremely light and my god so delicious. 

A Bath Bun can actually be enjoyed with several sweet or savoury toppings. It is a very versatile snack and is filling yet still not too heavy on the stomach. We went around lunchtime but I’d say this can be enjoyed any time of the day due to how many varieties you can have. There is also a dinner menu which has several other bigger meals available but honestly if your coming here then you have got to come for the bun. It’s what it’s famous for.

So delicious!

After a long hard decision on what to have Ryan and I both went for the French Toast option (which they stop serving at 1pm btw!) and I had a pot of chai tea whilst Ryan had an Americano. The menus states you either get the “top” or “bottom” of the bun but it is a mystery to what you will get. Usually if you come in a pair then I think they serve one of each so that you get to try both! We were served one of each and even tho we ordered exactly the same topping I still requested to try Ryans just incase I was missing out on anything haha. 

Enjoying our buns!

You are able to buy buns to takeaway from the shop underground which also sells mini jams, aprons and other souvenirs. There is also a mini museum on the lower ground which has the authentic “Sally Lunn” set up on how she would make the buns in 1680. The house/restaurant has so much history and it truly is more than just a meal. I cannot recommend this place enough if you do ever decide to visit Bath. 

So good!

What would your topping be?

Love Sophie


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