The Beauty Of Kerala

by Sophie Ross


So, as you may all know by now I am in India! Ryan and I have packed our bags for two months to travel this beautiful country, both for business, pleasure and to also seek out endless hidden treasures along the way.

I’ve been here one week already and trust me, two months is not enough. We have already had to cut out a couple of places from our trip as we want to enjoy ourselves! Not spend half our time travelling.

The start of our trip has begun with a bang. Along with 10 of our best friends we started off our trip in Kerela. This particular state has seen us so far stay at two different places. First off, we stayed in Kochi – a small fishing town with some great food (we ate at the same place twice tho lol) and a beach not too far away. The sunset might I add from this beach was spectacular. We saw dolphins jumping across the waves, although we were unable to swim here as the sea bank was too steep! We were also lucky enough to visit a beautiful waterful, the grounds were full of thieving monkeys tho, a lot of them stole our snacks haha.

     Our Airbnb host, Sony from Kochi has turned out to be so helpful. Even after our stay at his house he’s continued to help us arrange transport and give us advise. He provided us with a minibus throughout the duration which cost £3 each for a whole day! This minibus – which we called the ‘Fashion Wagon’ was driven by the most relaxed and jokes driver called Sharin – we called him My Man Big Shaz. He had the patience of Ghandi – you’d need it with us lot!

Next, we travelled to Allepey and stayed on an amazing private complex right on the river. This location was truly like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Each morning some of us rose at 6.30am to watch the sunrise above the water. No picture will ever do this justice for me. It is a truly unbelievable place. The only thing which caused us some troubles was the 8pm ‘curfew’. We needed to board a boat to get to the property so we couldn’t stay out past a certain time as the river boats were out fishing past 8. Other than that, and the bad omelettes haha this place was beautiful! Some places you pay for a view, some a location. Unless you want to pay a premium then usually one of the other works just fine. It was nice to have a few days to relax too.

On our final day in Allepey we decided to do a famous house boat river cruise. For just 900rs or £9 each we boarded right outside our house and started our journey along the back waters. The views were sensational! Food and snacks were included too. Just so you know, Kerela is a dry state – i.e. not everywhere sells alcohol. We had to stock up on booze before we boarded and the lack of alcohol for a few days meant it hit us hard. Yes it turned into a Malia style booze cruise, no – the staff were not impressed (oopsy) haha. Nevertheless we had such a fun day and got to experience a once in a lifetime sight. For those who’d seen my Instagram story yep we ended up in Kerela Basters football t-shirts that we all drunkenly purchased when the boat docked up half way. Proper brits abroad!

After the boat the rest of the gang headed to Goa on a minibus – driven by, yes you guessed it My Man Big Shaz. Ryan and I briefly parted from the group and headed to Varkala – a more touristy part of Kerela. We spent a couple days here chilling, shopping and eating food. The beach was pretty but the sea was hella rough so didn’t do much swimming. This place was more yoga vibes and many of the people there was on a retreat type holiday. We found it nice but not the best place we have been so far.

We then after a 18 hour train (YES 18 hours!) are now in Goa with the gang. Update to follow shortly… Stay Tuned!

Thank You

Love Sophie


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