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by Sophie Ross

Theres nothing quite like a roast dinner to top off your Sunday. Whether you have spent the weekend partying, working or spending time with friends and family, a few Yorkshire puddings can really finish off the weekend nicely.

Me pre food coma!

The Decor

Yesterday, Ryan and I visited The Brentwood Kitchen. A quirky restaurant set at the top of Brentwood high street that oozes character. Unlike many of the eaterys in this area, The Brentwood Kitchen decor packs a punch with wow factor. Hot pink, shabby chic lampshades scatter between mis-matched picture frames and a hanging pastel bicycle. Tiered cake stands weave throughout whispery plants and vibrant tea lights, making this place feel like your sassy aunts house. Basically, this place is pretty cool.

Gorgeous display

The Drinks

After the warmest welcome I have ever received at a restaurant we sat and opened our menus. The cocktail menu aptly named “Pick your Poison” was a selection of creative concoctions, as well as your classic all rounders. Our waitress Rachael recommended The Candyman for me, whilst Ryan ordered a Risky Business. We browsed the food menu whilst our beverages were in preparation.

The Candyman

I noticed my cocktail on it’s way over and I nearly done a double take. As you can see from the photo below it is pretty something! Sparkling Pink Prosecco topped with a candy-floss cloud. Then, dusted with edible glitter and a tongue in cheek sweetie bag attached via a mini peg. The final touch? A mini heart lolly embedded into the candy-floss – Super creative! It tasted incredible and most certainly gave me a pre dinner sugar rush. Ryan’s was a subtle and refreshing taste with a more modest design.

Risky Business
How pretty!

The Food

It was time to order the food! First up, starters. I chose the Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup with a side of walnut bread. Without a doubt this soup was flavoursome, light and really fresh. I am a big fan of roasted red pepper especially when the balance of the two main ingredients are spot on. Ryan chose the Salmon Pate, along with this came a side of piccalilli and bread.

Red Pepper and Tomato Soup
Salmon Pate

Secondly was the mains. Because it was Sunday we got to choose from three meats. Lamb, Beef or Chicken. I chose the Lamb, obviously planning to drown it in mint sauce – my favourite. Ryan went for chicken and we ordered an additional round of drinks, Rioja to be exact, whilst we waited. I would like to point out that the service was incredible. We were never waiting for too long and Rachael and Abbie (the manager) were so friendly and chatty. They definitely added to our experience, we loved them.

Our dreamy roast dinners!

As our plates arrived I was immediately drooling. Piled high were crispy roast potatoes, racks of succulent lamb, sweet baby carrots and to top it off, a side of cauliflower cheese. Extra gravy was also brought over in a mini jug. It was like they knew me. We tucked in straight away and there were a few moments of silence whilst we were enjoying the meal. The lamb was soft and consequently melted in the mouth. The carrots were also to die for. We were in food coma city but there was still a desert to be conquered!

That cauliflower cheese though

We made it. Round three is always the sweetest and as we were on the verge of build rolled out of the restaurant we thought it was best we share dessert. We opted for the brownie and it did not fail us. Warm chocolate brownie with a melting centre, topped with edible flowers and a side of the sweetest vanilla ice cream. The portion size was pretty mighty ad therefore we were grateful we had just ordered the one.

Super chocolatey brownie
I spy more cake

Local Value

Overall, I am really impressed with our experience at The Brentwood Kitchen. Everything from the decor to the staff were spot on and the food quality and presentation provided a little taste of local luxury but in an affordable and casual setting. I would definitely recommend the Sunday lunch here, you will not go hungry that is for sure.

Can’t wait to go back!

Thank you to the team at The Brentwood Kitchen for having us and making our visit a great one. We look forwad to coming back again.

Love Sophie

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