The Olive Tree

by Sophie Ross

As some of you will remember I visited Bath earlier this year. You can read about my visit here!

Whilst we were there we visited The Olive Tree – the only Michelin star restaurant in Bath. Ryan and I are big fans of tasting menus and after coming across this online we just knew we had to check it out. Getting to try more than one thing and also trying things you would not usually order excites us – a lot! 

Me outside The Olive Tree

At Olive Tree, they offer two tasting menus: FIVE and SEVEN (which also come in vegetarian option too if required). The name of each menu represents the number of courses you get. Simple and effective. 

The restaurant itself is set within a hotel basement. It is accessed via an outside staircase and is modest and clean with a spacious dining area. The place is not over crammed with seats and tables. Making this feel a little more exclusive to guests.

We were going out for drinks after so decided on menu FIVE so we weren’t overly stuffed and looking back I would say that was plenty! It was also a reasonable £70 per person. The service was delightful from the moment we walked in. Extremely polite and knowledgeable staff who helped me pick a great red wine. 

First up was our appetiser. Two small croquettes, creamy filled puffs which melted in the mouth! They were gone within a second but tasted insane. 


Our first course was smoked eel. I hadn’t tried eel before so was excited to see what it tasted like and I was not disappointed. It was really soft and not rubbery like I expected. The smoked essence also gave it a great flavour, not something that can be achieved (from my experience) with many other types of seafood. 

Smoked Eel

Next beef tartare! This is one of my all-time favourite dishes and I always order this whenever I see it on a menu. For those who don’t know, steak tartare is a raw beef mince dish which has been marinated and is usually served with a small garnish. The flavour is rich and the meat extremely tender. If you are a sushi fan then this should be right up your street. Delicious.

Steak tartare

Next, bread was served, to be enjoyed between courses with some wine. So far, I was impressed! 

Course 3 – monkfish! This for me is the steak of the fish world. So meaty, so fresh and so full of rich flavour. This alongside angler fish is my top two. Served with bbq cauliflower, mussel cream and onion and was an explosion of sea flavour. Absolutely stunning. 


Next up duck! I do love duck but I have to say I do not like duck skin. The fillet is served skin-on but I did remove it to enjoy it fully. You also get a duck leg to accompany. A great dish but not my favourite of the night I would say. Served with beetroot and kumquat. 

The duck

Finally what we have all been waiting for! Dessert. This was a chocolate lovers dream. A layered, indulgent, chocolate cylinder served with hazelnut and thick milk jam. To die for!


Overall I am very very impressed with 

A. The service

B. The food

This was an amazing experience and a must-do if you are a foodie visiting Bath. Delicious from start to finish.

Thanks for having us and looking forward to hopefully returning one day!

You can follow The Olive Tree on Instagram here!

Love Sophie

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