by Sophie Ross

Nothing beats a good burger right? They are number one on my cheat list and there’s a flavour to suit every set of tastebuds. Truffle however have taken the mighty burger to the next level.

The calm before the tastebud storm

With 4 locations currently set up across the capital Truffle has become the don in the burger scene. Forget your seeded buns and your ketchup. In fact, forget everything you have ever known about burgers because it will soon be a distant memory once you’ve taken a bite into this new era of delicious.

On Monday Ryan and I headed to their setup in Seven Dials market – a cool, indoor space with several street food pop ups. Tucked away in the lower ground corner next to the library stands Truffle. If you don’t catch sight of their gold plated menu board then trust me you WILL smell them.  If you haven’t guessed by now what their indulgent ingredient is by now then please let me explain…

The golden menu

Truffle adds truffle to their brioche, they add truffle to their beef patty’s and they add truffle to their mayo. Combine all that into one beast of a burger and you’ve got that taste of luxury. There is also a veggie burger for those who are meat free. 

Truffle oil has always been an exquisite food choice for those with a refined pallet. Once something only the higher class could have the luxury of eating it’s now widely available and affordable to indulge in.

Beef Cheeseburger

Time to choose our food. So yes this was a hard choice because everything smells and sounds so good! I went for a classic, Beef cheeseburger. With a 90 day dry aged beef patty, smoked cheese, ketchup and truffle mustard I felt I would be in for a treat. Ryan went for the bestseller, The Truffle Burger – a beef and bacon smoked patty, fig jam, crispy onions, raclette cheese and truffle mayo.

For sides we ordered croquettes. This weeks special was deep fried Brie with cranberry sauce – I KNOW! Also a side of truffle chips which cannot be beaten. 

Our burgers and sides

As you can see from our photos the food is good, really really good. No amount of words can truly explain the Truffle experience and I urge you to get down to one of their locations pronto.

The Truffle burger and Brie croquettes

Truffle currently have setups in Seven Dials, Southbank Centre, Winter Wonderland and Circus bar pop up. So if you haven’t tried a Truffle burger yet then grab your colleagues, friends, family whoever and give your tastebuds the care an attention they truly deserve.

You’ll be patiently waiting for this to start buzzing!

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Thank you

Love Sophie

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baccarat December 8, 2019 - 10:16 pm

Love chips and junk food !


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