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by Sophie Ross

I Got My Face Tattooed! – Semi-Permanent Make Up

Hello everyone! So you probably clicked this because you’re thinking about getting some semi-permanent makeup or you want to hear about my experience, which could then make you want to get some anyway hehe.

Firstly, just incase you don’t know what semi-permanent makeup is I’ll give you a little low down. Semi-permanent makeup is pretty much what it says on the tin. This can be anything from Eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and so on. Also known as Micro-pigmentation, it is quite simply the process of implanting pigment (micro pigment particles) into the skins epidermis.


The epidermis is the top layer of your skin which is visible, this top layer of skin is constantly shedding and renewing itself which is why the tattoo will fade over time. With a regular tattoo the pigments are implanted into the dermis layer of skin which is deeper and more stable, it does not shed like the epidermis and that is why normal tattoos are with you for life.

This process (micro-pigmentation) encompasses all techniques and terminology including microblading, digital blading, nano blading, semi permanent make up, cosmetic tattooing and any other names that are around at the moment !

All Semi Permanent Make Up treatments – brows, eyeliner and lips – first time around always require 2 procedures. Which are usually spaced 4-6 weeks apart. The reason for this is because the first time you have the pigment implanted into your skin, your body sees these micro pigments (even though they are so tiny) as a foreign body, and tries to break the pigment down. As a result after your first procedure the results can heal very unevenly, asymmetrically or can fade away almost completely! In some cases the tattoo does not fade at all (if you’re lucky !) But it is so important (first timers only) to go back for your top up a few weeks later, even if you feel that they have healed perfectly. Your technician will want to make absolute certain that your tattoo is 100% perfect, particularly for hair stroke style brows. Even one faded hair stroke can make all the difference.
After you have had your first treatments and top up (note: technicians should include your first top up within the price of your procedure. If they don’t include it make sure that they explain the full cost before going ahead) 
Brow treatments tend to last around 1 year to 18 months before they would need another top up. And your annual (or 18 monthly) top ups will only require one single procedure. Eyeliner/Baby Liner/Lash Enhancements last up to 2/3 years before needing topping up again. Lip Liner/Lip Blush/Full Lip Colour again up to 2/3 years
All of these time scales are very rough estimates. There are so many factors which could affect the length of time your semi-permanent makeup will last.

The Semi-Permanent Makeup Procedure!

So just last week I went down to The Beauty Spot by Rosalie for a set of new brows and some lip liner. After having my brows done around two years ago they had faded out and was due a fresh new set. Lip liner however was new for me. I’ve constantly toyed with the idea of fillers but have always: A: Chickened out at the needles or B: Been too scared of the results. Lip liner was definitely the way to go for me as this doesn’t involve plumping them but instead defining and enhancing what you already have.

Rosa has a home based professional salon in Hertfordshire and she specialises in all types of semi-permanent makeup. Semi-permanent make up is NOT a mobile treatment. If anybody offers to come to your house then look elsewhere. She also provides a tanning and gel manicure service. Her salon is bright, welcoming and clean as a whistle! She also makes a lovely cuppa tea for you to enjoy whilst she sets up.


For my brows I was not nervous at all. I previously had them microbladed and this didn’t hurt me. Rosa uses a digital machine for semi-permanent makeupwhich is similar to a tattoo gun, however with less needles to give that small line effect. She applied a think layer of numbing cream to the area and left it to sink in for a while. We then both decided on right colour for me which was a dark brown. She has many shades available for all types of hair colour.

Next was the blueprints! This is such a vital part of the semi-permanent makeup treatment as this is the initial design of my brows. I laid down on her super comfy bed and Rosa carefully drew a shape on which best suited my face. I naturally have quite thick brows but the hair can be a little sparse and gappy in places so this was about deciding where to place those extra strokes. She drew on the design and I was genuinely blown away upon looking into the mirror. Already so happy with how the template came out, I knew the results were going to be faultless. This is such an important step of the treatment so always make sure you are 100% happy. THIS IS YOUR FACE! Do not rush this part girls and guys.

We then proceeded to start. The semi-permanent makeup process for brows does take a few hours, make sure you have something to eat beforehand and sip a drink throughout to stay hydrated. We chatted through the procedure and she kept showing me them in the mirror just to ensure I was happy. I honestly absolutely love them and even though they are still healing they look immaculate and so full! I love how Rosa uses a little feathery design to give that fluffy brow look which is really popular at the moment.


Personally I dont find eyebrows painful. The first few strokes may be a little bit of a shock if you have never had a tattoo before but Rosa applied numbing cream every so often and I honestly barely felt it haha. I do not have a high pain threshold either guys so if I can do it you definitely can.


After a nice lunch we decided to do the semi-permanent makeup lip blush. Not going to lie I was super nervous as I know how sensitive lips are but Rosa assured that once the numbing kicked in I wouldn’t feel it as much. This also takes a lot less time than eyebrows as there’s not much template design in semi-permanent lip liner. The most important thing for me was picking a colour! We ended up mixing together two shades to create a custom pinky-nude shade. Please note that when you first have them done they are about 60% darker than what they will heal to. Mine have healed to a shade pretty close to my natural lip colour but have given them the most amazingly natural definition. I of course opted for this, if you do want a more stand out shade then Pink/Red shades are available for more of a pop!

Rosa lined the lips with the pigment with a few long strokes. She explained that you have to go over the lips 2-3 times to get the perfect line and fade. You can just get the outline of your lips but I wanted mine to have a natural fade so it wasnt as harsh. To do this Rosa uses a different set of needles and creates a circle pattern with them over your lips to give them a natural fade.


I wouldn’t say it was unbearable but the lips I definitely felt a little more than the brows. However, the process is a lot quicker than brows and heals quicker too. The numbing cream Rosa uses definitely takes the edge off it and some parts I didn’t even feel. So to summarise, yes it hurt a little bit but for the results I got I will 100% do it again when mine fades.  I  have honestly got the look of fillers without the fillers! Woo!

Healing Time

After both procedures were complete Rosa explained the aftercare treatment and regime to follow. She recommended using a fresh tin of vaseline to keep the areas moisturised and clean so definitely bring one to your appointment so you can use it straight after on the way home. You should be fully healed in a week. Mine will be a week on Wednesday and im already nearly healed up. The lips do feel a little tight for a day or so but just keep them moisturised and it will speed it up. I’ll be doing a Youtube on my channel soon about the procedure so subscribe here to stay tuned!


Finally before we finish I though it would be helpful to do a little FAQ. Semi-permanent makeup is a big step so always be 100% sure before and during the procedure that you are happy.

  1. Does it hurt? As mentioned above the brows didnt hurt me but the lips did slightly. However everyone is different so I can’t be held accountable for your pain threshold im afraid haha.
  2. How long does it last? Brows –  1 year to 18 months.
  3. Do I need to shave my eyebrows? NO – Guys the first place I went to a couple years back fully shaved my brows to tattoo them. Rosa did not do this. I felt way more happy and relaxed when I found this out.
  4. How long do they take to heal? 1-2 weeks ish.
  5. Can I use sunbeds after? I hate being pale but honestly don’t use sunbeds straight away. This can cause the pigment to fade. If you really have to then wait at least 6 weeks for the skin to fully heal and use a factor 50 on the semi-permanent makeup.

If you would like to book in with Rosa, who might I add I cannot recommend enough, you can do so via her facebook here or follow her on instagram! Have a little follow and see some of her other work too.

Thanks again for my beautifully done treatments Rosa, I am so so happy with the results!

Thank You for reading!

Love Sophie



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