Do you want new Boots for Winter?

by Sophie Ross

Velvet Boots – The Winter Trend

Yes Winter is back colder than ever but fashion has you covered once again. This time its Public Desire who are absolutely killing the footwear game in affordable styles that come on top for us girls. Especially in the winter boots department.

Now velvet has come and gone over the years, it’s been a trend that always makes it back around in some ways. To me, velvet screams cold weather and its luxurious feel and fabric thickness helps to keep you warm.

I chose these two incredble boots from Public Desire, both in different styles to show you how incredble velet can look on your feet. I’ve gone for some colourful pairs too which really make for a statement piece.

These babys are soooo amazing. Baby Pink – Check! Velvet – Check! Diamante – Check! These are the type of shoes that create a big impact. When I wore these for the first time I got untold foot-eye contact. I swear people didn’t even care about my outfit that day. My feet done all the talking and I even got some compliments on the tube which is very rare haha. I paired these with some lace up leather trousers and a white Moschino T to let my feet be the pop of colour my outfit needed. The sock fit of them is the perfect way to keep those ankles toasty.

Next up are these thigh-high navy boots. O M G these are probably the cosiest boots I now own. They fit perfectly and stay fitted around my little 5″3 legs. The colour is gorgeous (blue is my fave) and these look banging under a chunky white jumper dress and fur coat. The round heel is perfect for running around in all day as it is super comfy. I am already looking forward to wearing these again. Who needs trousers when you have these right?

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Thank You

Love Sophie


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